Jumat, 04 Juli 2008

Nokia N73 support 3G Technology

Nokia really worked wonders with its N series, which received wide response worldwide cell phone users. Nokia introduced a new engine charged in a series of several functions, Nokia N73. This team has won fame for their high capacity and multiple images of high-tech functions. However, until the team Nokia N73 with a contract to treat the user can be protected from exorbitant bills and get various attractive incentives such as free text messaging and free conversation.

Impressive Nokia N73 supports 3G technology and is empowered with several features aimed at music and images possible 3G. Large 2.4 - inch TFT display supports up to 262k colors with high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Phone comes with the camera 3.2 megapixel camera, which can be used to capture still images and record moving images. The camera offers several functions, such as red-eye reduction mode, 20 x digital zoom, automatic flash and various other parameters. The second VGA camera is also ensured that the user can take part in video calls.

Nokia N73 comes with a built-FM radio and music player. Phone is also equipped with XpressShare XpressTransfer and options that allow users to transfer media files and share them with other compatible devices. Phone internal memory of 42 megabytes and comes with a slot for memory cards MiniSD so that the user can extend up to 1 GB of memory, if necessary.

The connectivity options, which, supported by Nokia N73 is a wireless Bluetooth, USB and infrared. N73 works on the Symbian operating system and comes with Nokia PC suit and Adobe Photoshop Album. This phone user can easily browse the Internet, and that comes with the installation of WAP-browser.

With such great connectivity and multimedia capabilities, Nokia N73 is a genuine hi-tech mobile gadgets. For the collective work contract transactions, you can use advanced technologies and save the high growth of mobile phone bills. You can find Nokia N73 in the contract deals with affordable prices through their search in the World Wide Web.

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